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Useful Engineer Links: is a free academic resource, providing information on a wide array of subjects. Related subjects include their: engineering degree, civil engineering degree, and aeronautical engineering degree & resource pages, with corresponding online schools


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Compliance Publishing offers a unique expertise in working with large amounts of information, and making that information easy to use, search, view, and print. Working with:
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High-Tech Professionals Employment agency and recruiter in Dan Diego, California.

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Continuing Education for Professional Engineers a continuing education provider for engineers, surveyors and architects.

Work Resources for Engineers

The EE Compendium is a resource for the working electronics engineer, with book and tool recommendations, microcontroller information, electronic projects, free source code, industry links, and much more.





CalAPA members employ engineers, look for engineering jobs here

Featured Employers:

Hunter Foundry engineering jobs Structural Systems logo OMAX has engineering job openings Amgraph has a manufacturing/process quality engineering job opening located in Versailles, Connecticut Anheuser-Busch InBev has a Process Engineer job opening located in Riverside, California. Metal container manufacturing. DeNA has software engineering jobs located in San Francisco California Engineering Jobs with Forta Engineering Jobs with Streamlight Engineering Jobs with Epalign

Job News :


Tips to Survive Offshore Outsourcing

by Alesia Benedict

The cheap labor costs of Southeast Asia are like a siren call to more and more US employers seeking to lower support costs and improve profits. What can you do to avoid losing out to offshore outsourcing? Read the full article


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