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An Interview with Dr. Steve Keen

by Eric Tavenier © ,
December, 2009
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Dr. Steve Keen is an Associate Professor in economics and finance at the University of Western Sydney. He is one of the few economists that is credited with correctly predicting the 2008 financial crisis.

Dr. Keen is the author of Debunking Economics: the naked emperor of the social sciences, and he also maintains the blog 'Steve Keen's Debtwatch' - that analyzes the global Debt bubble at We discuss the past and future role of engineers in the US economy. Topics cover:

    • Fallout of deindustrialization.
    • The engineer capitalists of the 1950's.
    • Growing an economy through the combination of science and engineering.
    • Original science ideas and the engineers implementing them create things that drastically improve the productivity of society, ultimately that is where true wealth comes from.
    • The FIRE economy (shuffling pieces of paper).
    • The revulsion of financial speculators as leaders.
    • Evolving our society to be led by people that actually build things, the real focus on engineering and construction returning the USA's industrial strength.
    • And a whole lot more ! It is a three part video:

    Part 1:


    Part 2:


    Part 3:


Dr. Keen's book is here at Amazon:

book image, Debunking Economics


about the author

Eric Tavenier is a Registered Professional Engineer, and MBA.



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