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Engineers Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions Engineers often ask us..

Is registration required?

No. You can browse and search for jobs all you want. You may want to register and post your engineering resume. Read our privacy policy. You can register with an 'anoymous' option, and we will not diplay your name or contact information to anyone, but you will have to leave a working email address with us so we can forward any contact requests. You can log in any time and change or delete your registration, resume information, or change and add preferences.

How can I find Jobs ?™ has two modes of operation, Browse and Search.

The Browse mode is the default site mode, with browsing lists displayed by Featured Jobs (default) state, city, engineering category, employer, and date posted.

Our Search mode lets you map engineering jobs around a given location zipcode.

If you register, you can leave a list of multiple location preferences, and when you log into your member page it will display jobs that meet your saved criteria.

How do I post my resume ?

To post your resume, register and fill out the engineer registration form and resume. Your resume is posted upon complete registration. We now offer a structured resume format if you choose to use it, with some cool features.

Can I edit my resume ?

Yes, your account allows you to log in any time to edit or delete any information. Use your account to keep a nice fresh copy of your resume online at all times. Store and maintain your resume on™, its free. You must log in, or update your resume every six months for it to remain active in the system. We offer an 'anonymous' preference setting to keep your contact information private. You can log in at any time to change your anonymous preferences or update your information.

Do you sell or share my information with anyone ?

No. We do not sell or share/export your information. We think that its yours to control.
We do allow potential employers to search your resume, but you can choose to be anonymous if you like.


-end of engineers faq-



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